Hills and Home

Artist: High Fidelity
Album title: Hills and Home
Released: 2018
Recommended if you like: Reno & Smiley, Jim & Jesse, The Country Gentlemen, The Stanley Brothers, The Louvin Brothers, Charlie Monroe, twin banjos

High Fidelity’s Rebel Records debut, Hills and Home is High Fidelity’s long-awaited follow-up to their self-titled first release. While staying true to their passion for forgotten bluegrass in the 1950s-60s style, High Fidelity here digs even further into the esoteric bluegrass catalogue and who they are as a band. Hills and Home combines strong stylistic prowess with originality to create exciting new bluegrass that somehow “feels” as old as the records that inspired it.

For more information on High Fidelity, visit www.highfidelitybluegrass.com

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