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The Wind Caught My Bike Recording Band performing at the EXTRAVAGANZA!!! Photo by David C. Blood.

The EXTRAVAGANZA was wonderful!!! We want to send out a big THANK YOU to all you wonderful folks who spent the evening with us, with special thanks to our performers Cristina Peck, Vickie Vaughn Band, and the Wind Caught My Bike Recording Band (Jeremy Stephens, Kurt Stephenson, Casey Campbell, P. J. George, and Kevin Buchanan). 

Make sure you check out these wonderful performers at their respective websites (Visit Cristina Peck HERE! Visit Vickie Vaughn Band HERE!), and if you didn’t get a chance to check out the CD at the party, visit the Store page to find out more!

Video from the evening coming SOON!!!

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Dance on the Hourglass

If experimental, dream pop, electronic music is any remote interest of yours, check out Dance on the Hourglass, the new self-titled EP of talented Nashville duo Cristina Peck and Patrick Browning. Amidst the intriguing array of sounds, Corrina is performing on track #5 “Dionysus Calls” as an entire string section!

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