Runnin’ Late

Artist: Corrina Logston (aka Corrina Rose Logston)
Album title: Runnin’ Late
Released: 2007
Recommended if you like: The Sidemen, Jim & Jesse, Jim Eanes, traditional country songs done bluegrass, artists’ very first releases

Runnin’ Late is Corrina’s debut solo album. Titled after fiddler Jimmy Campbell’s original composition, this project features a seventeen-year-old Corrina fiddling and singing on bluegrass and traditional country songs with full bluegrass instrumentation. Corrina’s fiddling and singing remain forefront throughout this array of instrumentals and singing songs. Featuring the talents of Mike Compton, Mark Stoffel, Billy Rose, Jonathan Simmons, Don Anderson, Darren Osborne, Boyd Thurmond, and even Rocky and Betty Logston!

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