Wind Caught My Bike

Artist: Corrina Rose Logston
Album title: Wind Caught My Bike
Released: 2013
Recommended if you like: Punch Brothers, Alison Krauss, Michael Buble, Red Smiley, sheet music, vintage microphones, bicycles, jack-in-the-boxes, lots of different music all rolled up in one CD

Wind Caught My Bike is a melting pot of America’s 20th century music and Corrina’s mind, as seen through bluegrass instrumentation plus occasional percussion. The project served as her undergraduate thesis in which she explored two core concepts: (1) “What if we approached the recording process with the same production mentality that existed in the 1950s and 60s and utilized today’s technology as a complement?” (2) “Can I emphasize the artist’s satisfaction – the art of the music – while satisfying commercial viability as a secondary by-product?” The result is a direct look into the thoughts and melodies of Corrina’s mind in this presentation of almost entirely original material, arranged and produced by Corrina. Featuring the talents of Jeremy Stephens, Kurt Stephenson, Casey Campbell, P. J. George, and Kevin Buchanan.

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